How To Backup, Restore And Sync iPhone & iPad Apps/Games Data With Dropbox

One of the major irritations with the way iOS works is the inability to backup your app data without the need to connect your device to iTunes. Going one step further, wouldn’t it be great if apps across multiple devices could stay in sync, using the magic of the cloud?
If you’re the jailbreaking type, then you’re in luck!

A new app going by the name if DataDepost (free in Cydia) does exactly what we’ve all bee crying out for.
Have a brilliant city saved in Sim City and want to continue it on your iPod touch? Using DataDeposit you can back up your game data to Dropbox and pull it onto your iPod touch. No fuss, no mess.
What DataDeposit does is scan your device for apps it can back up and then allows you to do just that. What you’re left with is a folder on your Dropbox account with subfolders for each app.
DataDeposit is just another app that makes jailbreaking a no-brained these days – at least until Apple pulls its finger out!

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