Apps come back from the Dead!

Apples iCloud is not only good for purchasing apps on devices and streaming your music but also can bring deleted apps that are off the app store back from the dead. Here it is demonstrated with the app Tris, which was removed from the app store over 3 years ago. Theres nothing stopping iCloud.

iOS 5 adds background syncing as well as iPad's INSTALL from app store

iOS 5 allows you to sync your phone without cord and do it in background. Also if you have an iPad you notice if you already bought an app from the app store it changes its price description to INSTALL so you know which ones you bought. iOS 5 for iPhone does the same.

iOS 5 adds parallel download from the app store

As far as i know ios 5 is great and in the first beta it actually has parallel downloads. Not much new, i cant seem to find the camera icon on the lockscreen, stay tuned for more.

Watch the WWDC 2011 Keynote here.

See OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Watch the video

iOS 5 Features, Availability – Everything You Need To Know

iOS 5, Apple’s new mobile operating system, was shown off at WWDC. As expected, the new version includes a brand-new notifications system, and system-wide social integration. Here’s everything you need to know:

Notifications Center: all current iOS users know that the current notifications system was showing its age. Apple has turned that around by building a new system, which unobtrusively displays all notifications at the top of the screen, even during games, and on the Lock Screen. By sliding them down, users will be able to visualize all unread notifications, or dismiss them completely by hitting an "X" button next to them. Very straight-forward. Notification can include missed calls, voice mail messages (which can be played right from the Notifications Center and even notifications from other Apps.
This system is very similar to MobileNotifier, which isn’t surprising, since the company has recently hired its main developer.
Reminders: this feature, as the name implies, allows users to set different reminders for different times of the day, and different places. Thanks to the geolocation support present in devices, users can now configure Reminders to pop up a notification at a certain time and at a certain place, and even sync across devices using iCal. It’s really to-do lists on steroids!
Enhanced Safari: The iOS browser now looks a lot more like its desktop counterpart, with a few extra features of its own. Tabbed browsing now looks identical to the way it looks on the Windows and Mac versions, with tabs displayed across the top, at least on the iPad. The new Safari also brings the Reader feature, displaying a website’s content in an easy text only view, but unlike what happened before, users are now able to bookmark content onto a "Reading List" for later or send it to friends.
Twitter Integration: as rumored, the new iOS 5 includes deeper system-wide integration with Twitter. While there’s no support for other social networks, this feature is integrated with many apps, including the Camera App, allowing you to quickly tweet out what you’re working on. You can log into Twitter from System Preferences. It’s a single log in.
New Mail client: similarly to what happened in Lion, the iOS mail client is also receiving an upgrade. The App now supports draggable addresses, as well as the ability to flag messages and search them and dictionary lookup, by tapping on a word and selecting "Define".
iMessage: it’s like iChat for iOS users. It lets you send text messages, photos, videos and even have group conversations, similarly to any other messaging client. This application is also a great new example of how Notifications Center, since this App interacts beautifully with it. With this out the gate, I one is left to wonder what will happen to iChat.
Independence from computers: Previous versions of iOS required users to connect them to a computer in order to set them up, update them or sync them. iOS 5 will put an end to all that, by allowing users to update the device over-the-air. There’s also a new set-up wizard for new devices, allowing them to be configured for the first time without the need for a desktop computer. Can those who hate iTunes finally proclaim victory?
PC Free
Tens of small additions: iOS 5 includes a number of small improvements, such as direct game downloads in the Game Center, a new optional keyboard, enhancements to the Music App on the iPad and an enhanced Camera app.
If you’re a developer and have an iPhone 4 or 3GS, a 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch or a first or second-gen iPad, you’ll be able to grab iOS 5 from Apple Developer Center today for testing purposes, so you can get your Apps ready for many of the features we’ve talked about, such as Notifications Center.
Regular users would be able to grab the software for free later this fall. For more details, check this article.
Those using a jailbroken device must be warned that no jailbreak solution is available at the moment. Upgrading to the new software will break your jailbreak. You can read more about the state of jailbreaking on an editorial I wrote up yesterday.

Automatic Download Option For Over-The-Air App Updates Coming To iOS 5

According to Apple itself, iOS 5 will allow automatic over-the-air App updates. This was confirmed by the iTunes App Update page, which alluded to the new feature.

If you own an iOS device and have apps installed on it, you’re probably familiar with this page. You’re redirected to it whenever you select "Check For Updates" on the iTunes App section. As of a few hours ago, it had this bit of extra text

Currently, over-the-air updates are possible, although not automatically, requiring users to launch the App Store in order to get updates, which can be extremely time-consuming on slow networks. Automatic updating would make the update process essentially invisible to the user and still provide the same results. It’s unclear whether over-the-air updates would only apply to apps or to iOS itself as well, much like Android, Google’s competitor to Apple’s iOS.
While the reference to this feature has since been removed from iTunes, that didn’t happen before screenshots were all over Twitter, and later confirmed by credible people. There’s a very slight chance that we won’t see this announced next week, now that Apple openly disclosed it, although not intentionally.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen an Apple product being unveiled ahead of time by accident. In 2003, the specs of the then-unreleased PowerMac G5 were accidentally posted on the PowerMac G4′s page; and in 2006, references to iWeb, also rumored and unreleased at the time, were found on Apple’s support page. Both of those products were officially announced days later.
Last week, Apple confirmed it would be unveiling iOS 5, as well as Mac OS X Lion and iCloud, a new internet service at WWDC. While we don’t yet know any official details about those products, rumors of both iOS 5 and iCloud have been ongoing for months. It’s predicted that Apple’s new mobile operating system will include a new, less intrusive notification system, enhancements to multi-tasking and widgets, much like Google’s Android. Yesterday, we reported on a new artist’s mockup of what the new version of iOS should look like, based on the most popular rumors.
WWDC, Apple’s yearly developer conference, will kick off on June 6th. Although much of its focus will be to inform and train developers on the company’s newest software advancements, consumer products are often announced there as well.